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A Summary of the Reunion of the Graduates of Great Bear II (1963)

Celebrating the 45th Graduation Anniversary

On 24th May (Saturday) 2008, the Great Bear II classmates, together with their spouses, a total of 36 persons visited their mother school --Yuet Wah College and the Principal, Rev. Fr. Francis Hung, S.D.B.

The purposes of the Reunion and visit to the mother school were as follows:

(1) Courtesy visit to mother school for celebration of 45th graduation anniversary
(2) Donation of additional scholarship of HK$15,000.00 awarding English subject outstanding pupil in Primary Section; and
(3) Donation of MOP 11,000.00 for the construction of school’s extension.

Around 11.00 am, the Hong Kong classmates joined by those of Macau arrived Yuet Wah College. The Principal Rev. Fr. Francis Hung greeted the classmates at the “Millennium Hall” and gave a short brief on the achievements of the pupils at school. In short, most of the graduates were able to get admission from famous Universities of UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan etc. Last year, the pupils obtained four out of the ten Scholarships offered by the Government of Macau SAR. After some exchange of information, Mr. Keith Leung and Mr. Chiu Sin Wai on behalf of the Great Bear II presented the cheque of the scholarship to Rev. Fr. Hung. The donation of MOP11,000.00 will be given at a later day after funds being collected.

Coincidently, the day was “The Feast of Mary Help of Christians”, Rev. Fr. Hung leaded all of us to the Shrine of Our Lady Mary and prayed for the people of the world and the victims of Sichuan earthquake. Rev. Fr. Hung also sang his favourite songs “Ava Maria” and “Sea Star”. Afterwards all the classmates joined in and sang the School Song all together. Indeed it brought back lots of memories while singing the same old song after half a Century.

Then Rev Fr. Hung leaded us to the new buildings and surroundings. It was noted that the building of the English Section was kept in good condition. The memories of the old days sitting at the classroom were once again in our minds. We finally took a photo at the same stone steps where the graduation picture was taken in 1963.

After saying goodbye to Rev. Fr. Hung and Mr. Ozorio, we had the Portuguese buffet lunch at the “Associacao dos Aposentados, Reformados E. Pensionistas de Macau”. Those classmates, residing at overseas, such as Peter Chiu, Ho Chi Kuan, Harbhajan Singh, Ricardo De Senna were delighted to meet Mr.Wong Siu Chuen who was our Mathematics teacher after more than 40 years.

At 3.00 pm, we went to the Light House at Pine Tree Hill, a landmark of Macau. Standing at the top of the hill and overlooking the city, we were amazed that the previous wild fields were now replaced by high-rise buildings.

Then we continued the journey to Zhongshan and checked in the 6 Stars Shangri-la Hotel. In the evening, our classmate Mr. Cheng Seng Chong Edward held a dinner reception in the Hotel Restaurant. We all enjoyed the delicious “Wei Yeung” cuisines. Mrs. Cheng was delighted to sing two songs for the party.

Next day, despite the misty rain, our coach bus strode along the famous Government buildings of Shunde Town and we were all impressed by the enormous size and luxury of the Government buildings. Then we went to “Shun Fung Hill Restaurant” and enjoyed the famous “Shunde Cuisine”.

After lunch, we visited “Bao Mo Garden” in Panyu. The Garden situated in Zini Village, Shawan Town of Panyu. . It combined the culture of an official, gardening arts and ancient buildings styles of Southern China waterside scenery in the Pearl River delta. After leaving the Garden, we would not miss the famous local delicacy of “Double Skinned Milk”, “Hot Milk mixed with Ginger Juice” etc.

Dinner was held at Zhongshan “Shek Ki Lo Restaurant”, which was well known for their “Shek Ki deep fired pigeons”. We without any hesitation , quickly put on the plastic gloves and finished them in no time.

Two days had passed quickly. There were so much to catch up and yet time was so short. We all agreed the date of next Reunion would be on the 50th Anniversary.

Thanks to the efforts and generosity of the following classmates, the trip was able to be held successfully:

Leung Shing Kay Keith--Overall Coordinator
Cheng Koon Sum Philip--Trip planner
Kwan Manuel Victor--Coordinator, Macau
Cheng Seng Chong Edward--Donor of Jetfoil tickets and dinner
Cheung Kung Leong--Photographer
Chiu Sin Wai--Secretary

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