Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday May 26, 1961

Today we had a lot of sunshine throughout the morning and the afternoon.
My brother still has a stomach ache but is getting better.
We plan to make a trip with the kids from the orphanage to one of the neighboring islands tomorrow morning and spend the day there. I don't know if I will go with them or not. Last week we planned the trip but because of the typhoon we had to put the trip off. The older kids were disappointed when plans got changed and staged a "No Go To School" strike in protest. After much discussion they were persuaded to go to school. But I didn't like their attitude and feel better if I don't go.
I went to James Lai's house to give him our "leave of absence" slips (in case we miss school Saturday)
I stayed to chat with James. I still do not approve of his ambitions of becoming a doctor.
We talked of his conversion to Catholicism and he told me of some of the problems he had with his Buddhist family when they learned he wanted to become a Catholic.
Anyway, for me, I still think I would like to be a cartoon animator as a profession.
Whether my brother Frank goes to the islands with us tomorrow is still in question.. He insists that he should be at the picnic.
It's very hot in the mornings and in the nights.
My eyesight is getting worse. I think I am becoming nearsighted and may have to get glasses.
We'll see what happens

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