Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunday, May 28, 1961

In the morning we went to church (Protestant). I felt quite tired after the trip yesterday.
In the afternoon I went over to James Lai's house to chat.
We decided to visit Mr. Victal. (As I recall Mr. Victal was living in a dormitory complex with a lot of other Portuguese men. It was like an army barracks. Each person had his bed and small area for his personal belongings. Mr. Victal loved playing records on his record player. I remember one favorite of his was the comedian Victor Borge. Students use to drop in to visit teachers on the weekends in those days. Don't know if they still do it today.)
It was quite hot and sticky that day so when we got there we found him lying on his bed with a wet cloth over his head.
Mr. Victal played some violin concerto records and we talked.
He took out his chess set and played me a game. He won. (first time I had played since leaving America on June 10, 1960)
We suggested playing a game of ping pong and had to wait our turn while some other boys finished playing. James and Mr. Victal played against each other. I watched.
Then it started to rain so we decided to start back for home.
At night I slept out in the porch because it is so hot.

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