Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wednesday May 24, 1961

Today we enjoyed a holiday as I already mentioned.
I got up at 8:15 am to get ready to go to Church with James Lai. I got into my Sunday clothes but suddenly remembered that we were suppose to dress in our Yuet Wah school uniforms (white shirt and pants in summer)
So off went the Sunday clothes.
James and I went to the big church (where a statue of Jesus was nailed on the wall).
We went upstairs near the organ.
After the service there was a light breakfast at the school for all those who attended church that day.
After that I went to James' house.
In the afternoon I went to "the captain's" house and together we went to James' house again.
I borrowed another book from him...on vocabulary. (Who knows, I might become a writer one day)

Afterwards I left for home but when I got there I discovered that I was locked out so I had to go to the orphanage to get the key
(My family volunteered to help out at a small Protestant orphanage not far from the "army barracks" beneath the lighthouse. We helped clean, teach English and my dad treated the children who had head lice or body sores)
It has been raining lightly all day.

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