Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wednesday May 31, 1961

The weather hasn't changed much
Tomorrow we shall have a holiday to celebrate "Corpus Christe" and James Lai asked me to go to church with him.
Mr. Victal asked me to go to his place and pick up some Form II exercise books to correct. He's lazy by habit and doesn't want to check them himself.
So Captain and I went and got them.
I then went over to James' house to give him his share of the books to correct.
I stayed and we checked the exercise books at his place.
He and his friend then came over to our house during the night and we talked late into the night till about 11:30 pm.
He (James' friend???) is planning to go to a Hong Kong school.
We talked about the GCE examinations
I hope I can skip Form V and go directly to Form VI

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