Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday June 16, l961

This morning we had our reading exam. I got 96/100.
During Physics period, Paul Chiu and I went home to fetch our books...which we had forgotten to bring.
We went to his house first...and then to my house.

Mr. Victal got angry at the boys in the back of the room because they were making a lot of noise.

He asked the offenders to step to the front of the classroom. He made each boy recite 20 words from the dictionary.
This happened again when the bell rang and he let a few of us go while the others had to stay behind.

My mom charged me 20 cents for some books I left laying around the house.

The kids from the choir (at the Protestant Church) came over later that day and went up to our rooftop.
We all had dinner and then dad showed them 16 mm movies he took of our family in America.
the Chinese are a little like the English in manners. They don't joke around like Americans.
After showing the movies of Disneyland ,the San Diego Zoo and Marineland we all went downstairs and sung some Christian songs.
I went into my room to do some studying but the heat got me down.
Finally everyone left. Thank heavens!

Today is my brother's birthday.

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