Friday, June 1, 2007

Thursday June 15, 1961

No exams today.
I forgot my homework again so during the morning exercise I left and went home to get it.
Day after tomorrow will be the "Dragon Festival"
Dragon Boat races will be held in Hong Kong. The people here in Macau can't afford dragon boats and besides the ocean around Macau is very muddy due to all the silt that comes down from the Pearl River.
My mom said she would start charging us money if we left our school books lying around the house. So far she owes me 3 dollars.
Michael from Form II came over after school and we talked about our school marks.
I'm not sure I'll pass because last year I knew nothing about Algebra or Geometry (In those days our school in Palm Springs didn't teach those subjects until we got into High School). When I entered Yuet Wah this year they had already finished 1/2 the book.

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