Friday, June 1, 2007

Saturday June 10, 1961

We have a holiday today.
I got dressed, ate and then went over to James Lai's house with my algebra book.
Unfortunately he wasn't home.
So back home I went.
There were army soldiers everywhere. They were marching up and down the street in their tan colored uniforms.
People thronged the streets and stores.
After I got home James and another one of his friends came over.
We played records and then hopped on our bicycles and rode out along the water dikes all the way up to Don Boscos school.
In the afternoon I went to James house again. We sat around and joked. Then I took him on my bike to his teacher's place...and I went home.
When I arrived at the house I found Raymond and his brother, Patrick, waiting for me.
We all had planned to work on Physics with Frank.
When Raymond left, he forgot his pen...which I am using to write now.

It's night time now. and Frank and I have just finished having a big debate with my dad about Communism.
It all started when dad read an article about how the American's were planning to launch a space ship to the moon. "That's ridiculous..impossible " , dad said.
That's how the debate got started.
The argument, as usual, turned from Russian satellites to freedom of the press..and from there it lead to Communism.
During the argument dad offered us 10 dollars to prove that newspapers could run without advertisements.

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