Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tuesday, June 20, 1961

Fr. Cota and Fr. Kirkland were both absent form class today so we had study period.
The guys in the back of the class got a little noisy so Fr Rubini stepped in.
He called Captain into his office and gave him a scolding because he wasn't able to keep the boys quiet.
On the way home Captain was riding me on the bicycle as usual and we almost crashed into another bicycle. The other guy didn't give a hand signal to turn.
After school Victor came over to our house and we studied Ethics.
We shall have a test on that subject tomorrow.
My mom and dad went looking for a house to buy. Didn't find anything

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Anonymous said...

I was searching for Macau old pictures over the internet and bump into your photo library.
Thanks so much for sharing all these precious pictures with the public.
I was also a Yuet Wah student attending the Chinese & English session between 1972 to 1981 when Fr. Rubini was our principal. I am now living in Toronto, Canada.
Keep up the good work to enhance the Yuet Wah photo library
With regards