Saturday, June 2, 2007

Monday June 26, 1961

Today we had our History and English exams. They were quite easy.
I was the second one to finish.
After exams I went to the chapel.
I left school with James

After dropping him off at his house I went home.
In the afternoon, the rest of the boys in our class had their Chinese exam in the afternoon (My brother and I were exempt because we could neither speak, write nor read Chinese) so Victor came over to study Chemistry.
Later Raymond and James dropped by.

James had to give something to Fr. Vandavar so we had to go back to school.
We then went to James house thinking Victor might be there waiting..He wasn't. So we went to Raymond's house thinking that Victor had gone there. He wasn't there either.
James and I rode back with me sitting backwards on the bicycle.

We found Victor at his house
So we all went to James' house.
We joked around and then left.
Later that evening James came over. Mom and Dad went out again looking for a house.
James and I talked a bit, had some drinks and then when my parents returned , James went home.

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