Friday, June 1, 2007

Saturday June 3, l961

Today it rained quite heavily in the morning
The hall of the school is filled with pictures which are to be voted for
(I don't recall what this was. Must have been a drawing contest or something)
Mr Vital asked Raymond, James Lai, Frank and I to come over to his place and listen to records tomorrow but I can't go because my mom got mad at me for wrinkling my Sunday clothes.
James Lai came over in the evening and we talked and did some algebra sums.
We went to "junk alley" (that was a street in Macau that sold a lot of used things...books and stuff. Many were just poor people who had a few odds and ends to sell on the sidewalk. Sometimes they would have good English novels and books so we were always on the lookout)
before dinner to see if there were any good books or not. There wasn't.
Not much to do here in Macao. Business is going on as usual and the Communist are getting the upper hand here. That's because the Portuguese government is too weak (I don't recall much about the political situation in Macau at the time. Not sure what I was referring to)

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