Friday, June 1, 2007

Tuesday June 13, 1961

Nothing much happened this morning
In the afternoon we had our dictation test on "Arctic Explorations"
After the test we had our music exam.
When school let out, Victor Kuan and I went over to find out our marks.
So we headed over to Mr. Victal's house. Several boys had arrived before us and were reciting ten words from the dictionary to Mr. Victal. This was their punishment for something they had done wrong earlier in class.
Mr. Victal thought we had come over to give him his cigarette lighter. He had forgotten it and left it in class.
We checked our papers to see what kind of marks we had gotten.
Mr. Victal wanted me to go to school and get his lighter but I proposed that he should go instead.
So he hopped on my bike and headed off to school
When he returned Victor and I left.

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