Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday June 2, 1961

When we were having our morning exercise drills it began to rain. I never saw such a scramble for shelter. The whole exercise court was cleared in less than 15 seconds.
Today Frank and I got to school and found we had the wrong books.
He thought it was Tuesday. I thought it was Thursday.
I rushed home to get the exercise books that Mr. Victal had asked us to help him check for his Form II class.
I went first to my house and then to James.
I got back in time before the bell rang the second time (I think there were two bells. The first was to call us to class. The second was to signal that everyone not in class was late)
Mr. Victal got mad again today (because the boys were talking).
The boys in the back of the class are the most talkative.
He asked all the offenders to step forward to the front of the class.
Mr. Victal once again invoked Fr. Rubini's name.
That was enough to get the boys in the back to step up in front of the class.
The lessons started again.

Victor Kuan and I went to Mr. Victals after school and we listened to one of his comical records, checked some more exercise books for him and chatted some. Nothing much to do except study now since the heat is too oppressive.

While we were at Mr. Victals, a postman came and Mr. Victal tried to converse with him in broken Chinese (as I recall Mr Victal was either born in China or lived in China for a long time.
I think he came from Shanghai area. I recall him telling stories about old China. I remember vividly his description of the time he witnessed someone in China being they dragged the frightened man out. And when they cut off his head his teeth kept chattering. Funny how some recollections stay with you)
Mr Victal lost 4 dollars playing ping pong against some other boys and by the time Victor and I had finished correcting a stack of exercise books, he had lost another 2 dollars. Mr. Victal complained that there was nothing else to do around here.

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