Saturday, June 2, 2007

Friday June 30, 1961

I haven't written in this book for some time. That's because I have been studying for the final exams.
It is over now and I don't think my marks were very good.
After having our Physics and Geometry I
went home and had lunch
Then I went to James'
house. He and I went to Raymond's and then the three of us went to Mr. Victal's place.
We then went to my house and had some drinks.
Afterwards we went to James house again.
Raymond got some books and I got a Physics book.
We plan to go swimming tomorrow. (I recall that we actually swam in the ocean.
There were no beaches in Macau. People had built little bamboo huts out over the waters edge where the Guia Circuit meets the ocean. You paid them your fee, changed and went right into the ocean. The water temperature was perfect...although the water was brown with silt)
After dinner I went to James house and we both came back here.
After he left I did some paintings on a sheet of celluloid
(I always thought I would be an animated cartoon artist)

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Anonymous said...

Ernie did a find postcard of his family on a rickshaw with his faither pulling while he was hanging at the back.