Thursday, July 5, 2007

Friday and Saturday July 28,29, 1961

Nothing much happened on Friday. I stayed home still getting over my illness. I solved a geometry problem Raymond could not figure out.

On Saturday I went again back to school and then came home and began reading.

In the afternoon we (mom, dad, Frank , me and Reverend King) went out shopping.

I bought some film.

We went around trying to find some clothes for Reverend King’s wife.

Frank had to leave because he has lessons.

We then ate at a restaurant…which was noisy.

I went home but Frank had taken my bike so I had to wait to got to Raymonds.

We Frank came back we went to get his bike from the repair shop and went to Raymonds and then to Mr. Victal’s place. A guy there was talking about bad and immoral things that made Raymond and my brother uncomfortable so they left.

I was involved in a chess game with Mr. Victal so I couldn’t leave.

I returned after losing to Mr Victal…as usual.

Later Chung , from Church came over to get us to go on a bicycle ride with the Chruch Trade Union We rode to a member’s house to await the others. When they arrived we had some watermelon to eat.

A difficulty arose when we found we had only three bikes for 4 girls and 4 boys . So we had to let the girls walk while we went on ahead.

We went to a spot high above the water reservoir of Macau and we could see the ocean and the rain water from the spot.

We sang and played games until past dark.

We then returned by way of the road leading from the swimming huts. I rode with Cheung and then a girl. Only Chueng and another boy speaks English

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