Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday July 13, 1961

This morning we went to St. John’s school and had some trouble finding it. We went to the principals office and he told us to bring my report card the next day.

I then went downstairs to Form I and II. They are up with us and are doing transversals.

I then roamed around after the bell rang and wet to the office to copy down the stuff in the back of this book

The school is ancient. It has old desks and old blackboards.

In the afternoon I went to Raymond’s and did some algebra.

We decided to go swimming tomorrow.

(Back at our rental house) We have baskets of stuff packed and in the from room ready to move on Saturday.

It has been quite hot lately.

I finished “Gone with the Wind”

My parents went out along the seaside to have a coke

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