Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday July 19, 1961

At 12 noon we boarded the boat for Hong Kong (mom, my brother and me) and took a bunk bed in a dormitory birth .

All the while the men were running up and down selling things but I fell asleep anyway so when I awoke we had already arrived at the new dock in Hong Kong.

We then went to a Chinese restaurant and had something to eat.

Then we took a long walk up to the U.S. Consulate and tried having separate passports for each of us at $10 each (US).

Next we took a ferry for Kowloon to see our grandmother.

Timothy’s mom was there and she went to tell him were there.

Timothy came later and we went downstairs to the Kowloon Restaurant to have lunch.

Timothy then took my brother and I to Hong Kong where we looked around and around for a bookstore.

We found we had nothing to do in Hong Kong so we went back to Kowloon and looked for more books. I bought a second hand history book for 6 dollars.

We next went to his house and looked at some books.

I had a slight stomach ache there.

The place where he lives has 5 girls and 5 boys and is for the CCF kids.

We went and had a coke and went to his school

We kept asking him to ask us questions on the exams.

We went back home to grandmother’s house and ate dinner.

Next we went back to the Prince hotel.

This is the hotel which we stayed at when we first got to Hong Kong from the US

Hong Kong has changed much since the last time I was here.

There is trouble brewing between China and Russia, France and Tunisia.

I think there will soon be a breach between China and Russia.

My brother is quite selfish and tried to take all the coke for himself.

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