Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tuesday July 18, 1961

(little drawing of house)

This morning I had school and everything went smooth.

After school I went to the new house and we fixed up the blinds and curtains.

Tomorrow we shall move in

We ate lunch there and then my brother and I came back to our rental house..

My brother went to church to help a boy with his English and I continued reading “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”

We then went back to the new house after eating dinner there.

Before we ate some men with Reverend Chung came over and argued over the price to carry our belongings over to the new house.

One of them was dumb (couldn’t speak)

Reverend Chung then came over while were there.

Later some more people from the orphanage came over and took a look at the new house.

We ten went and had a coke near one of the places near that “crummy” record player, which always wakes me up.

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