Thursday, July 5, 2007

Friday July 21, 1961

Today we ate the cakes which we bought yesterday for breakfast.

At 9 am my brother and I took the bus and ferry to Hong Kong.

We were going to our old apartment to visit some friends. We use to live on the ground floor apartment of a building that was at least ten stories high in Happy Valley.

When we got there we rang King Wah’s doorbell but he had gone to school to receive his report.

We then rang on Lick’s door. He was home and we went in and chatted. He said King Wah and he were planning to come to Macau soon.

We kept trying to get King Wah but he was still out so when noon came around we left the building.

Before going we were called up by our former landlady. She , by and indirect way, tried to get us to move back there again. Lick told us he would bring King Wah to Kowlook with him later when we returned.

We took a trolley at the bottom of the hill and a ferry and then a bus to the hotel.

We went to my grandmother’s house and my mom then took us to the downstairs apartment where a boy brought some plates of food for our lunch.

Another of my mom’s good friends was there and she ate with us.

My brother and I went back to the hotel to await Lick and King Wah. When the arrived we decided to go to Hong Kong so we took a bus ferry and a bus again to their house where Lick, the chess champ of his school beat me 2 games to one.

My brother and King Wah played dominos.

When 6 pm came we left their house and went back to Kowloon.

We then went downstairs to the Kowloon Café with my mom and her friend and ate dinner.

After seeing her off we went back to Grandmother’s house.

At the hotel we found Cheuk Kuen and his small brother. Also a note from Sam

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