Thursday, July 5, 2007

Saturday July 1, 1961

This morning James and I went to church. After coming back we ate and drank so0me juice. I then went with him to his place to get some books. He didn’t have any left for me to read so I did not take any. We then went to get some developer. I went home and began developing some pictures for him

At 2:30 James cam over.

A little later James friend, Raymond and his small brother , Patrick, came over and we then set out to go swimming. Raymond and his brother can’t swim so we tried teaching them.

We went to swim in one of the lots which ha a wooden hut strung out over the water. There are no beaches in Macao so we had to swim in deep water.

The lightening is quite heavy and this is the first rain we have had in a long time

Sunday July 2, 1961

The rain kept pouring throughout the night and on this morning we had to go to church while it was pouring cats and dogs. A colored man preached this morning. I did a little studying and then ate lunch. It was still raining hard. All talk about the new house we have just bought at a price of $43,000 H.K. dollars. And we plan to move in soon.

I went in search of Eddie Rutledge’s’ address and after finding it wrote a letter to him.

By night the rain had ceased.

The amusement park hasn’t been doing any business due to the rain so we can sleep in peace without that crazy music blasting off.

My eyesight is getting worse and I‘ll have to get glasses soon

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