Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday July 6, 1961

This morning frank and I dressed for school. We are having our prize giving and graduation day today.

We rode to school and then all the students marched through town to the Oriental Theater.

We were seated and the ceremony began with a message in Portuguese from the Commissioner of Macao. The rest of the ceremonies we dedicated to the graduates of the forms and classes. Finally time came for giving out prizes. My name was announced and I went to receive my prize for the English speech contest. My prize was a dictionary. The Yuet Wah girls school also were present.

After that the end came.

Chau Kuk Shing and James also received prizes. We received our report cards.

I was greatly surprised to find that I just passed by two points in math.

My brother, however, did not pass and asked Mr. Wong about taking private lessons which shall cost $70 HK a month.

My parents will be trying to see Fr. Rubini on Wednesday About Frank

In the afternoon I went to Mr. victals place and listened to some records and played a game of chess. Afterwards we went and looked for some second hand books from “Junk Alley”. When we got home we found that our parents had come back from Hong Kong. In the night we went to a coke stand out along the water’s edge and had a coke

(looks like a dragon picture)

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