Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tuesday. July 4, 1961

Today is Independence day in the USA. I wanted to pop firecrackers here but they only allow you to fire them on certain days.

I went to church with James today and will go with him tomorrow.

In the afternoon I went with Victor to Raymond’s and we planned a picture to draw but we decided to do a completely different drawing. It will take us quite a while to finish it.

While coming home I bought some kites.

At 6 pm my mom and brother went to have dinner at the church. The dinner is being held to help the choir from Texas. These people came from colleges all over Texas and they are traveling around the Pacific singing at stops along the way. They came to Macao and we made a recording of their voices while they sang. In church. They all work uniforms of black. They sang about ten numbers and it sounded quite nice.

The orphanage was there as so were many other people including Number 2 in our class. After the singing we stayed and had a coke at church.

Sam came back from the GCE exams and we walked home with him.

(drawing here)

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