Thursday, July 5, 2007

Monday July 10, 1961

I got up and began reading the book that James had lent me. I must write in short in order to save space.

My parents and brother went to the new house to fix it up.

Raymond came to ask if James had been here to see us.

James came over later to type out an envelope.

In the afternoon my brother and I went to James’ house to see him off.

Raymond wasn’t there so I went to get him

James leaves for Hong Kong.

Raymond and I went swimming

Raymond swims quite well now.

When we left I couldn’t find the key to my bike.

I take to take the bus home and then return with the key.

It took me one hour.

My mom and brother have gone to St. John’s school to see about it.

My brother was to pay $20 for summer lessons but I was chosen by father to take his place at that school which is far advanced in mathematics.

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