Thursday, July 5, 2007

Saturday July 22, 1961

This morning we went to my grandmother’s place to find Timothy. He took us down to an amusement park near the beach and we rowed a boat. We had many difficulties during the one hour voyage. Splashing water over the oars and almost tipping the boat over. Frank almost fell into the water . My brother and I got blisters on our hands from rowing.

We then had a coke and next went by bus to an old Chinese tomb. There is a book written by a man about this tomb called “Message From the Tomb”

The tomb is shaped like the end of a bullet and has a semi circular chamber in which pots and other things were buried. It is over 1000 years old. We then went to some bookstands and then took a bus back to grandmother’s house and had lunch downstairs. (Pardon me. We left for lunch and then went to the bookstands)

At 5 pm time came to see our Aunt Kay and Uncle Phillip who are arriving from Hawaii.

We went to the airport and found them.

After waiting and waiting for the car form the Hotel, we (me my mom, my brother, my grandmother and my uncle and aunt) got two taxies which took us to the Prince Hotel.

We talked about having grandmother come to live with us in Macau. Our new house is two stories with an apartment downstairs.

We then went down and had a classy dinner.

My aunt my brother and mother and I went out and walked a bit and came back an hour later. We talked a little longer and then left for Hong Kong Island for the boat back to Macau.

I slept outside on the deck underneath the windows of the bathrooms on the boat. Boy did it smell!!

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