Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sunday July 16, 1961

We went to church again and afterwards my mom went out to eat with some people and I made the lunch. After lunch I went to Raymond’s and then we went to Mr. Victals place.

There I played him two games of chess .. He beat me as usual.

Mr Olvieria was there and was just going to leave with his girl friend to Hong Kong.

We stayed a while longer and listened to records.

Then I left with Raymond to his house and got some paints.

He went with me to get his bike.

One of the Form II boys came over and I took him to see our new house.

In the late evening we went to the Church. Trade Union and the members listened to the recording of the Texas Baptist Choir. We did some talking and singing all in Chinese.

We then walked home with some of the boys.

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