Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sunday-Tuesday, July 23,24, 25, 1961

I shall sum up 3 days in one entry to make this brief.

As I have said I slept outdoors on the ship back. Thus I got a bad cold. I was drowsy during church and could hardly keep my eyes opened. After getting back home and taking a nap I awoke with a temperature of 103.

Unfortunately Mike came over and I spent my time trying to get him to leave because I wasn’t feeling well. I am having trouble with my bowels. I guess I drank too much coke.

Anyway on Monday this all happened and my dad went to Hong Kong to sign our passports which he brought back.

We invited to orphanage up to see our house.

We received some imitation flowers from them

We also went ot Mr. Tsau’s house and had a chat with him. He gave me a book to read which I have just completed

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