Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sunday July 30, 1961

This morning we rode a 3 wheeled chair down to Rev Chuengs church. My brother went to Baptist church to sing in the Choir. My dad went this time because he has to take photos for Rev. King.

After the service they baptized 22 members. These were mostly poor people.

We then went out with Rev. King to dinner.

My mom and I had stewed fish with rice and another man had spaghetti. Rev Chung and my dad and Reverend King had egg omelet’s.

After that Rev Kong went back to his hotel and at 5 he left for Hong Kong.

I stayed home the rest of the day reading “Eight Days” and listened to the radio.

After dinner I read until time came to go to the Baptists Church Union.

This is for young people who gather together for meetings and outings. We went to Church and listened to a tape recorded program in the Main building.

We then broke up into groups only this time the smaller ones were gathered with the bigger ones. I belong to the bigger ones and I am about the size of the smaller kids. Only I am the smallest of the bigger kids. We first had singing and Bible readings. My brother and I can’t understand a word they are saying but we have some boys to help us translate.

Then they had some games. The meeting was held on the third story of the church building.

The room had a semi circle of chairs around the room. After the games we had some peanuts and candy and cookies and tea.

We then left with another boy to buy some cakes. I left my bike at church to buy them but we couldn’t find any cakes so I went back to get my bike but by then they had locked the gates to the church. So we had to find someone to open the gates so we could get my bike

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